What is Drawmetrics – a Doodle Drawing HRTech that measures Human Behaviour, Values and Decision Making


The HRTech behind Drawmetrics were first related to psychometrics matching of drawings and psycho-analysis, like Rorschach Test.

As Generative AI evolved in the last 2 years, our technology evolved to leverage outputs from Generative AI that made our systems more robust against AI Resumes and any form of human biases.

We have used the following AI technology to help make the reporting and analysis more automated and differentiated with Natural Language Processing, k-nearest neighbours, Graph Neural Networks and Generative AI outputs for descriptions and automation.

We continue to invest in R&D to bring you the latest in machine learning and data analytics in our applications for talent acquisition and talent management systems.

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Drawmetrics now uses online Doodle Drawings to measure certain metrics within the recruitment platform and employee assessment platform within AttituX.

The scientific reference came from Hermann Rorschach, a Swiss psycologists who created the inkblot test in 1921.

The use of interpreting “ambiguos designs” to assess an individual’s personality is an idea that goes back to the times of Leonardo de Vinci and Botticelli.

After experimenting with several hundred inkblots which Rorschach drew himself, he selected a set of ten for their diagnostic value.

Over the last 20 years, we managed to re-create using the same scientific principles to use a completely different set of 10 different symbols to measure an individual’s state of mind as part of a pre-employment assessment test, with personality assessment as part of the 10 symbols.

Let us demonstrate the scientific logic of Drawmetrics in a simple illustrations.

Look at the following symbol:


It represents, as an example, how we go about making a decisions.

We can either move forward, move backward, go left or go right. Or we can stay where we are (don’t move and don’t decide). This process outlines a cross as above.

Everyone of us go through the same logic (forward, backward, left, right or stay put) in ALL of our decision making process.

Our algorithm then analyzes, what you draw and how that relates to:

10.Potential Blindspots

This simple scientific logic cannot be gamed when an individual visualises this same cross in their minds, their dominant style of decision making in that specific areas are shown subconsciously without their ability to manipulate the results.

Hence the high degree of accuracy and specificity within our talent management tools and recruitment management software.

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