The Future of HRMS is Finally Here! Human Relationships Management Suite.

Because its human relationships and people’s attitude towards one another that makes or breaks any teams/deals.


AttituX (pronounced as “Attitudes”) is not only a truly complete Human Resource Management Suite (HRMS) in the making, it is a ground breaking Human Relationships Management Suite with extremely wide Applications and impactful Business Outcome that builds a strong and cohesive corporate culture.

Our HRMS helps you build the best teams to execute on your business strategies to generate money and cost savings all at the same time.


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Our technology build teams with the right attitudes
and relationships. Effortlessly.

Human resources management and human resources planning have taken a new meaning and new demands with the advent of Millennials and Gen Z.

Companies can no longer view human capital as assets. They need to see it with new eyes and with new paradigm shift. It is THE relationships that binds people together.

And it is these relationships that keeps the team together, nurture them and most of all motivate them to perform. Relationship is the new asset in human resources management.

What influence how relationships are formed and re-formed is the attitude and shared values between individuals.

That’s why we built the future of work (professional) and the future of humans (personal) together with Human Relationships Management Suite (HRMS).


At AttituX , we view attitude and shared values as the cornerstone of those relationships that flourishes beyond the office, into all aspects of an individual’s lives.

Companies can no longer talk about any meaningful form of talent acquisition, talent management, employee training and development, recruitment management, talent management system, employee selection process and human resources development without realising the importance of attitude assessment, which has been difficult to measure in any consistent manner since the beginning of time…

Until now.

Introducing the future of Human Relationships Management Suite with AttituX.

It is the Attitude that is the X factor in all relationships.

Make it or break it.

Elevate Your Human Relationships Experience: Start Your Free Trial of AttituX Now!

AttituX is a SaaS Platform that can be self-served by simply creating an account for a limited free trial period that can be extended up to 3 months (* for large enterprises) until you are ready to move to a paid subscription.

Features of the platform allows Organisational Admin (such as HR or Talent Acquisition or Hiring Managers) to:

  1. Assign the company values (choose from 33 positive values – see White Paper at our site map for a full list) to be measured against applicants and existing employees.
  2. Add other Hiring Managers, Supervisors, Line Managers and HR/TA to the team of assessors so they can all view results of assessments.
  3. Create Jobs with control over risk management sensitivity and also assess suitability for remote work/supervision.
  4. Set up Campaigns with Top 5 attributes related to their specific job responsibilities
  5. Add Candidates to be assessed and automatically send out the doodle drawings assessments (called Drawmetrics).
  6. Simply wait for candidates to respond and see how the platform ranks the top 1% to 10% of candidates to be shortlisted for interviews automatically with their results.

Try AttituX for free for 30 days (no credit card needed) here: