Use Cases

Emloyer of Record

Believe it or not, we are the true pioneers of EOR in Asia Pacific dating back more than 20 years ago to 2003 and have the contracts to prove it.

We provide a 100%guaranteed risk free EOR concept for the aviation industry under the brand Sass Atlantic for a few major airlines in the world; China Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Jetstar and Tiger Airways.

What makes us unique and differentiated than any other EOR service provider is we provide the sourcing, pre-hire asessment, employee screening or interview, employee recruitment and selection for the best candidate and legal employer of record all in a one-stop solution.

Because we are so confident in our employee assessment, selection process, employee testing and employee skill development, we are able to guarantee the quality of our employees* being on our payroll and outsourced to our clientele.

No other EOR service provider today can provide the same level of confidence of hiring as we can in pre-employment testing, competitive talent acquisition and recruitment management software.

The AttituX platform also assess how suitable an employee is for Remote Hiring, allowing you to know ahead of time how reliable an employee on our payroll will perform for you and what level of supervision is needed or not needed; giving you complete peace of mind that an employee is highly motivated to work without much supervision.

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*terms and conditions apply

Team Cohesion and Conflict Analytics

Team Cohesion is probably by far the most challenging tasks for all line managers.  And most of the time, it’s because they were not part of the initial assessments for potential conflicts. Some companies try to assess this by having a peer interviewer, but this allow personal bias to creep in, and dilute diversity, inclusion and equity benefits of hiring people of exactly the same kind.

With AttituX, we excel in determining ahead of time what values will likely create a conflict in your teams where it matters most. Our abilities to identify potential conflicts between supervisors and team members allow Human Resources to plan and predict attrition ahead of time, often at 6 months to a year ahead with high degree of accuracy for risk management.

Talk to us about how our People Analytics can help you manage employee engagement and retention never done before.

Talent Acquisition & Management

We combine the power of Applicant Tracking System ATS Resume Screening with Job Function Attributes fit with attitude, character and personality. This is the only one of its kind in capabilities that is not found in any other solutions provider in the world of recruitment and talent acquisition system.

Some of the attributes we assess using Drawings are: Basic Compliance, Responsiveness, and Current State of an applicant’s current employment.

AttituX platform is able to prioritise the top 1% of the applicants that you should consider READING their resume for competency, experience and qualifications BEFORE actually investing in the time tointerviewing them.

This aim to cut down interviewing and resume processing time by up to 90%! A complete redesign change in recruitment management and employee selection process!

Talk to us to find out how we are experts in screening 2,500 applicants (not resumes) a day since 2003 with ability to identify the top 1, 5 or 10% for reading their resume.

Recruitment Management is one of the clear use case for using AttituX for executive level jobs.

Imagine a coveted job with a coveted company that attracts thousands of applicants.
At it’s height, AirBnB attracted more than a million job applicants worldwide for a single position advertised.

How can any Human Resources professional reasonably screen through a mere 100 applicants in an unbiased manner let alone thousands or millions in the case of Airbnb?

With AttituX, the first and fundamental assessment for any recruitment campaign, is to assess Compliance.

Compliance is the ability to follow instructions when they do not know why it is important to follow or agree to follow.

AttituX platform builds in a Compliance assessment at the onset of any applicants journey in the job search/application process in the recruitment management system and talent acquisition process to screen out those who may ghost the subsequent interviews; saving precious Human Resources managers expensive time and effort.

Many companies require warm bodies to do the manual and tedious run of the mill type of work in their operations or those with especially high in demand specialised skills. These applicants, however, still need to be “interviewed” or at least quickly screened through to make sure they are willing to do the work or have the abilities to do so. Often, a physical or even phone or online interview takes up too much time. A phone interview sufficed just to check basic communication skills, but a review of their resume may not yield a meaningful perspective due to their various short term jobs.

The AttituX platform can very quickly, in less than 5 minutes tell a Human Resource manager if they should go ahead and hire them, if they have the physical capabilities to do the work, allowing HR managers to make offers within minutes, rather than days before these warm bodies or those who are in high-demand are snapped up.

Re-thinking the competitive landscape in hiring selection process that front line customer service heavily depend upon.

Blue collar workers are hard to recruit with accuracy by any hiring or employment agency. Simply, because many do not have resumes, nor LinkedIn nor can even speak or do well in interviews and certainly cannot do any form of personality assessments due to English Language/culture/contextual issues. They are the likes of construction workers, odd job labourers or domestic helpers/nannies.

Interviewing them with any sense of accuracy is a huge hit and miss affair plus the sheer number to be screened and interviewed.

With AttituX platform, we identify who they are, how they make decisions, and what attitude do they have both personally and professionally. All within a 5 -10 minutes without language bias or cultural impedence. It is attitude assessment made easy! And fast! And even blue collars can doodle draw, which is a basic fundamental skill.

If their employers provide us with a corresponding assessment of their supervisors, we could predict with almost 95%accuracy what are the potential conflicts that will happen that makes the working relationship last or fail.

Rethink how hiring an important domestic helper, chauffeur, janitor, gardener, construction workers would be with this state of the art employee selection system.

We help speed up Executive Search and Headhunters time to market and reduce their work toil with our talent acquisition and talent management system.

Often the amount of toil Search Firms needed to go through to uncover the right fit with a corporate client is typically about 6 – 8 weeks of sourcing, screening, interviewing and placements. We believe we can reduce this time by more than 50%, allowing for higher productivity and much less work, giving rise to increased revenue with less time spent for a highly satisfied search client.

For a limited time, we are offering our founding Executive Search firms, a limited life-time membership with AttituX for zero fee. Why? Because our business model allows for this.

We work exclusively with Executive Search firms in specific industries on a first-come-first-serve basis as exclusive partners, so please reach out before a pricing model is instituted in due course.

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Coaching & Mentoring

Talent management and performance management is the life blood of organizations looking to retent and development their talent.

Many organizations look to Executive Coach and/or Life Coach to emphasise the importance of their well being in being coached for personal and professional success.

AttituX platform specifically identifies what an individual innate needs are and how any coaching will personally benefit them first, creating a sense of gratitude for coachees who feel their company really care about who they are, and not for meeting organization top or bottom line.

Coaching must benefit the individuals else it is coaching gone to waste.

For a limited time, we are offering our founding Executive Coaches, a limited life-time membership with AttituX for zero fee on using our platform. Why? Again, our business model allows for this. Talk to us to see if you qualify to be our partner.

Learning & development professionals are consistantly looking out for programs to enhance performance management for employee training and development.

The AttituX platform accurately determines where are the blindspots and development areas for an individual, highlighting the specific recommended employee training and development to benefit them personally and professionally.

With AttituX, the learning and development is customised and highly beneficial on a personal basis, creating greater retention value in talent management.

Talent feel treasured when their personal development is recognised to be of priority for themselves and the organisation they serve in.

Employees engagement is a mystery that many companies are trying to get their arms around to execute as sound employee retention strategies.

Most companies use employee satisfaction surveys to get a read on the level of job satisfaction. Although this use case is not without its merits and its flaws, it is somewhat obsolete with the Millennia and Gen Z.

With AttituX, we measure the degree of their job satisfaction directly without asking a single question or doing a survey.

We can predict with some high degree of accuracy which employees will likely quit within the next 6 – 12 months and provide the right prompts to determine what reasons they could be, so you can take pro-active measures to address the issues before it spreads to the rest of the organisation.

You can have the best business strategy in your business and still fail!

Why? Because if the human capital strategy is not in place, nothing gets executed.

We understand100% of how critical the human capital strategy is because we are both Entrepreneurs and Human Resources professionals. Our background includes running P&Ls for multi-nationals SBUs and small start-ups. We executed a consistent Human Resources Planning strategy for 11 years to help Emirates grow from some unknown airline in the Middle East to become the largest and most profitable airline in the world within that period.

How did it become possible?

Consistent Human Relationship Strategy.

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Investors & Business Partners

Often the business relationships between business partners and investors are undermined by their different values system.

One could be more financially driven than the other, while the other may be more opinionated or stubborn as a result.

A mis-matched in values is the number ONE cause of business venture failures among partners resulting in litigation in a lot of the cases.

As for investors, investing in the wrong rouge values of a founder, is the sure way to lose an investment. And complex investors relationships can lead to unproductive in-fighting at the board levels, often these issues can be clearly identified as potential conflicts between business partners at an early stage, avoiding costly and unproductive litigation.

Personal Relationships

One of the key misunderstanding between Parents and Children/Teens is how different their upbringing are that caused decision making process to be totally different.

This creates conflict in perspectives and values system.

The AttituX platform shed light on how different children and teens think versus that of their parents at different points in their lives, allowing parents to adapt their approach to better communicate with their children.

People marry each other because they are compatible.

Appearance, Character, Values, Habits, Interests and Outlook rank among the top compatibility factors.

Of the ones that outlast Appearance and likely the rest as well are Character and Values.

Without a compatible character and values, the best personalities would not last.

The AttituX platform measures the values, character, personality, moral, ethics and outlook better than any other tool in the market today with the ability to identify potential conflict risks with high degree of accuracy and reliability.

We are happy to be wrong, but often time will prove we have been right all along.

Both good and bad ones.

When people date each other, they are really dating their compatible characters, values and belief systems. These are what hold true throughout their life times together.

Without a clear understanding of who they are, it would be trial and error in the dating process.

Sometimes it works, but often times, it fails because the initial attraction was not based on time tested values, but transient factors such as physical appearance or perceived persona; a very dangerous perception flaws that rear its ugly head once the romance settles down.

AttituX provides insights into whether someone is compatible or not in looking at potential conflict attributes that could mire any working relationship into a state of disrepair.

Financial Risk

If someone can be assessed to be both responsible and doing well in their current employment or business, what are the chances of them not repaying a micro-loan of $100 – $200 over a weekend just before payday or for a small emergency?


AttituX provides the most accurate current state of employment and moral/ethical values of someone without having them to answer a single question.

For the unbanked and people with poor past credit or no credit report, a micro-loan is a life saver for a small emergency.

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