The Best Employees aren’t the MOST Experienced… (don’t judge the book by its cover)

In AttituX everyone is given by chance we do not micromanage people and pressure them to be the best but we will guide them to be the best out of themselves through working with us and molding them to become the rockstars of the company.

You will never know what someone is capable of until you give them a chance to show you and that’s why AttituX implements the attitude assessment because there are some applicants that are not fluent in English, do not have many social media accounts, some do not have resumes and very introvert but they’re obedient in work task and meeting the deadlines of their bosses.

This is what we mean by, “JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE IS DIFFERENT FROM OTHER EMPLOYEES DOESN’T MEAN THEY NO LONGER CAPABLE TO DO THE JOB” because they can but in a very special way.

We hire for passion.

We train for skills.

We promote character.

Through attitude assessment you will not be struggling in choosing the right candidate and how to filter them despite of language barrier, no LinkedIn accounts, or updated resumes, and not good in answering job interviews because this process will make everything smooth, easy, and fast with 95% accuracy to hire people with no bias. We can identify how they make decisions, create ideas, what their relationship with other people, and how they deal with problems in different situations because it has something to do when they started to work on the company.

Skills can be learned but the character cannot. That’s why it is important to seek first the good characteristics of a person before lying about their skills and resumes because those are just requirements to do the job but what makes a good employee that can stay in the company is because of the good character that they have.

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