Filling job positions vs. filling job requirements

We cannot deny that warm bodies type of hiring processes is still existing nowadays. Some companies felt tired of hiring applicants in a long period of time especially, when having tons of applicants and couldn’t even handle some of them.

So, what they’re doing is choose people to fulfill the position.

It is a process where individuals are hired merely to fill positions or duties from previous employee who resigned or being fired, without a thorough consideration of their qualifications, skills, or compatibility with the job requirements. As long as the applicant is physically fit, in an applicable age to still work and can do the duties from what the previous employee has.

This couldn’t consume your time but will give you risk in your company.


Filling job position won’t give you guarantee that the employee will succeed in satisfying you with the right work performance because there will be compromises, the hiring decisions may not be the best, as it overlooks the importance of matching candidates’ abilities with the requirements of the position, potentially resulting in lower productivity, job dissatisfaction, and a higher turnover rate. This is the scary part when you’re risking the company’s productivity to this kind of level because there will be consequences after hiring people just to fill the empty position without further screening and assessment.

However, when we talk about filling job requirements it will explain what is the process of hiring a candidate not because he can just fill the empty slot but securing the person can meet the standard and rules of the company with proper orientations and assessment to do the job from resumes to training till he makes it.

Both are considered to be some strategy or ways to acquire the right candidate but we should never risk the productivity of the team because of our decision-making. Filling job positions can be easy and not time-consuming for the HR manager or Head Recruiter but there will be a possible risk for a turn of tasks and not satisfying work performance because we didn’t do the traditional process or at least the standard process to choose the right people in our company.

However, fulfilling job requirements can give assurance that the person meets what we want and follows what we require to see obedience and good characteristics.

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