The most Powerful Strategy Tool to Hire a Candidate… A NOT SO COMMON TO USE (this is how we became unique from others)

Nowadays, many companies are doing different kinds of strategies in order to attract applicants and let them work for the company because of massive hiring or the need for more people. The following that I will be mentioning are some of the old types of recruitment strategies that companies are using but not 100 % will work on finding the right top talents.

1. Salary Transparency – thinking that they could attract top talents when they disclose immediately the salary rate for the specific position which isn’t a guarantee that it will provide assurance that you can get quality talent. Sometimes, you can get greedy applicants whose mindset focuses on money alone and how they could get it instead of helping the company to grow and succeed so it can gain more positive results for the CEO or owner.

2. Candidate Experience – having a high standard to make sure you can get the right people for your company is not a guarantee as well because even if the standard is high, you don’t even know or have assessed the characteristics of the person still there’s a possibility that you would be discouraged. There are two coins for this part.

3.  Referrals – some companies have trust issues when choosing the right person to hire that’s why they depend on their known friends or employees already who worked for too long in the company to refer someone to hire and can meet the expectations of the boss. Some can refer trusted and good employees but mostly what happens in this portion is that some will refer their friends or family members even if they didn’t meet the qualifications, have no background experience or idea with what they are applying but the boss hired them because he trusted the one who referred these people to him that these individuals are quality talents even if they’re not.

4. Skills assessments – bosses are confident that once they undergo the applicant to a skills assessment and then, they’ll pass then, they’re already the one fitted for the job. They easily get impressed by how the candidates answer the interviews and how well they dress up during the Zoom call or interview but not knowing that that’s the shallow part only of hiring the right talents.        

5. Online job posting – Posting job openings on company websites, job boards, and social media platforms to reach a wide audience globally to attract more candidates and applications for the said job but sometimes scams are also present online.

So, how does AttituX differ from these 5 mentioned strategic ways of hiring the right talents?

Simple, AttituX doesn’t require talents to be perfect because for how many years we have already proven our services with different clients across the world providing them with the right talents using our tool to hire the right candidate and that is…. DRAWMETRICS.

It is a strategic way we use to assess applicants who desire to be part of the company. As we provide paper with different shapes on it, we let them draw something that comes to their mind what picture or image they could make out from the shapes they’ve seen in the paper.

The use of interpreting “designs” to assess an individual’s personality is an idea.

This is a neural analytics tool that provides insights into test-takers to identify their:

1. Values and beliefs

2. Decision-making

3. Behaviors

4. Personalities

The tool offers one test that asks candidates to create simple drawings from 10 symbols and enter a one-word description of their drawing. Drawmetrics helps you identify candidates with the wrong values fit, you can see how the candidates create decisions and provide ideas and see their characteristics based on how they respond to the drawings and how they answer questions. This is mobile-friendly, so candidates can complete the assessment from anywhere. The platform is user-friendly as well. The assessment involves drawings rather than written or verbal answers, which overcomes any language barriers.

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