Why the CEO is also your HEAD RECRUITER: How can a CEO lead the Recruitment Process?

This is one of the most strategic ways that a company should have in order to get top talents in the company.


Make your CEO your Head Recruiter or else your hiring process will be time-consuming, get horrible results, cannot attract positive work performance, and would possibly be a nightmare at its finest.

When the CEO takes on the role of the Chief Recruiter (CR) in your company, they take the responsibility and accountability for enhancing recruitment outcomes. CEOs embraced a comparable winning role in the past, recognizing the critical nature of hiring management. This approach of having the CEO as the Chief Recruiter is frequently observed in expanding startup environments for the company.

The influence and authority wielded by your CEO have the potential to elevate virtually every challenging aspect of the recruitment process. Now, think about it!

Still confused?

Through the expertise of your CEO throughout leading the company, he has also the credibility towards:

· Strategic vision

· Leadership representation

· Company’s culture and background

· Proven good reputation

· Decision-making authority for the company

It’s important to recognize that your CEO plays a crucial role in shaping your company’s image as an employer. When your CEO shows genuine concern for employee issues, it positively influences your employer’s brand. In building a recruiting culture, your chief recruiter will encourage all employees to actively become “rockstars.” This friendly initiative will essentially create a strong team supporting your employer’s brand, as employees enthusiastically share positive stories about your organization with their friends and colleagues.  

However, we need the guidance of the CEO when handling the hiring process, especially the assessment part with the expertise, experience, and image that he has already proven to the company it’s one way also to strategize how you can build an amazing team under his influence. He will be the one who will lead the talent acquisition process the assessment processes and also how to maximize the tools needed in order to identify who will be the best talents that deserve the position.

With this, it is now easy for the hiring manager to consolidate all the information from the applicants, analyze the outcome of the pre-assessments, and recognize the characteristics of every applicant. It is time-consuming, and not a hassle to take the process, and the hiring managers will not struggle to interview one by one because through the draw metrics that were already led by the CEO as the head recruiter everything will be going smoothly and very professionally.

Collaboration between the CEO and hiring managers can be an effective approach, combining strategic vision with operational expertise to make informed hiring decisions. The level of CEO involvement should be tailored to the organization’s needs and the specific role being filled.

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